• <p>The artist explores uncommon perspectives of the Australian landscape, drawing inspiration from visiting sites such as the Adelaide Hills and the River Murray to create compositions that juxtapose ...
  • <p>Lynn Lobo paints to explore her perception at the interface of night-time dreams, daydreams and everyday existence. Through play, imagination and awareness practices she reaches into the depths of ...
  • <p>Works on paper celebrating the artist's 90th year.</p>
<p>The exhibition will also be an opportunity to view the <em>The </em><em>Jerusalem Tapestry</em> and the accompanying drawing, <em>Jeru...
Exhibitions now showing
  Uncommon Visions, Tok Basuki

9 Sep - 9 Oct, 2016
  Off the Shelf, Lynn Lobo

9 Sep - 9 Oct, 2016
  Aspects of a Journey on Paper, Franz Kempf

9 Sep - 9 Oct, 2016